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What is Submarining?
What is Submarining?
Submarining is giving users more control over their content with the ability to choose how you want to share content with their audience.
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Have you heard?! Creators can now token gate their content with! It's an easy, effective way to engage and reward your community further with exclusive content. When you upload content as submarined to Pinata, it stores the data on private IPFS nodes rather than the standard public IPFS network. This allows you to only share the content with the people you want to see it!

We believe that the future of the internet will be a place that serves and elevates the creators and builders of our world, not the other way around. Whether you're a filmmaker wanting to host private screenings or a musician wanting to share your latest release to your fans -- we at Pinata are allowing creators to choose how they want their audience to unlock exclusive rewards (not just NFTs!) by submarining their content.

See how others have utilized to engage their communities through their gated content!:

Astro Project used for an exclusive Snoop Dog music video:

Inevitable Media uses submarining for their NFTs Playbook:

Now, I bet you're wondering how you can start utilizing and take token-gating your content to the next level. It's easy! To get started, simply sign up for any paid plan with Pinata, and for only a minimum of $20 a month, you’ll be able to store your content, create your own dedicated gateway, and begin submarining today!

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