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How to Create an Pinata API Key
How to Create an Pinata API Key

Create an API key for your Pinata account with ease!

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1 - Log into

Visit and login with your existing credentials or create a new account!

2 - Visit API Keys Tab

Click on the API Keys Tab

3 - Create a API Key

Click on the blue button that says "new key"

Then select the authority level you would like the API key to have. If you are using this key for yourself, you can simply click the "Admin" toggle at the top to make sure you have the permissions you might need. If you are giving this key to someone else, it's a good idea to look through the options of what you can allow and restrict. Once you are done, give it a name at the bottom and click "create key"

After you create the key, it will show you all the values. The key, the secret key, and the JWT. Click the "copy all" button and paste them somewhere safe where they cannot be taken! (of course the keys below in the screenshot are no longer valid)

If you ever need to delete the key, just visit the key page again and click "revoke" for the key you want to delete!


The Pinata API keys will allow you to access the Pinata api and use your Pinata account with other third party applications. For further reference please visit our docs and feel free to ask us questions through the support chat bubble in the bottom right of our website!

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