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What Does Unpinning a File Mean
What Does Unpinning a File Mean

Unpinning files on IPFS and the process of garbage collection

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In the world of IPFS, files are pinned to storage nodes. This ensures that the files will always be accessible. If a file is not pinned, it will be swept up in a process called Garbage Collection. This process deletes all unpinned content from an IPFS storage node.

When you unpin a file on your Pinata account, it gets placed into a queue to be handled by Garbage Collection. This process is not immediate, so you might still see your file accessible through IPFS Gateways. Even after this process completes, it is possible that someone else has pinned your file to another IPFS node. If this is the case, your file will still be accessible. However, if this happens, the file won't be attributed to your account on Pinata and won't contribute toward your storage fees.

If you are looking for information about how to unpin files on your account, you can check out the guide here.

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